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Social Media Strategies

Designed to scale, grow brand awareness, engagement & traffic. This is how it works:


Social Media Strategy

Having a solid strategy for social media is vital for any brand. Many smaller brands use social media without giving much thought to their goals or reasons for choosing a particular channel.

JW Creative will spend time researching your audience and present you with a detailed plan, including a content calendar, that you can follow to achieve your goals.


Account & Content Creation

Social media content needs to be engaging and encourage sharing to help brands spread their message. With JW Creative’s unique content pillar strategy approach, we will develop the right content with the right brand messaging for your audience.

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach here. Your content will match your customized strategy to help reach the right audience for your business.


Publishing & Analytics

With access to some of the industry’s best management tools, we can take over the burden of publishing, researching, and analyzing the content that you’re posting. No more guessing when your followers are most active. No more wondering if you’re posting at the best time of day. We’ve got that covered for you.

We also offer valuable insights to help gauge the success of your social media strategy, evaluate the effectiveness of your hashtags, engagement, and reach. Allowing us to continually tweak, evolve, and improve your content for optimal growth.

Social Media Strategy


This plan is for you if you’re a small business owner who needs their account audited and analyzed. You’ll be given an actionable strategy and plan you can follow and execute with your own team.

  • Client on-boarding worksheet
  • Account & industry research
  • Determine content pillars that will drive the best engagement, reach, and growth potential
  • Month-by-month posting schedule & content ideas and topics that align with your content pillars

Content Creation


If you’re looking for even more than a strategy that you can implement yourself, then this plan is for you. Take your social media strategy to the next level and let JW Creative create your social media content for you. We’ll take your content pillars and the strategy that we developed and create customize content fo you.

  • Everything from the Social Media Strategy Plan


  • Custom content creation based on your content pillars
  • Industry & Hashtag research
  • ContentStudio Posting platform access to make posting easier and more streamlined

Publishing & Analytics


We’ll take over the publishing and analysis of your platforms and ensure that we’re posting at the best times for your accounts. We’ll continually analyze your accounts to make sure we’re targeting the right people at the right time for optimal account growth.

  • Everything from the Social Media Strategy Plan


  • Content Creation Plan


  • Fully managed posting with ContentStudio with client access for easy content approvals
  • Optimized time schedule
  • Account Monitoring & Analytics

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