Branding & Brand Identity

Building Your Brand, One Story at a Time

Do you do logos? Yes, we do logos. But we also do so much more than that. Branding and Brand Identity are both very different things, and JW Creative can help you with each.
Brand Identity is everything about your brand that you can see. It’s the visual story that your brand tells. Everything from your logo and typography, colors, packaging, website and social media graphics, and so much more. Consistency is key. Branding is a process. It’s not something that happens overnight, but rather over the course of time as you build a relationship with your customers through your product, social media and beyond.
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Branding Services

Small businesses are often the businesses that need help the most when it comes to building a consistent brand and telling a cohesive brand story. From logos to brand analysis, JW Creative is here to help your small business start telling it’s best story.

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