You want to know more about me? Well, let's see...

I’m Jillean. Founder and owner of JW Creative. I love building personal relationships with my clients. I believe this is the first step in having a successful working relationship that helps both of our businesses thrive. I’ll start…


I practice yoga, standup paddleboard yoga, to be exact (look it up, it’s pretty impressive). When I can find the time, I enjoy reading a good trashy romance novel. Or Harry Potter, take your pick. Shih Tzus are the best dog ever. On the weekends, you’ll likely find me in my sweatpants at home enjoying my family. Oh, and coffee. All the coffee.


After 10 years of doing the agency thing, I’ve stepped out on my own to pursue a freelance career. I loved agency life, but now it’s time to move on to a new adventure. I love that freelancing allows me to meet so many new and amazing clients, affords me the opportunity to keep stretching my comfort zone, and also use my incredibly diverse skill set.

Prior to being a freelance designer and photographer, I worked as a Senior Designer with Lundmark Advertising, a full-service marketing & design agency in Kansas City, Missouri. My title there might have been “Senior Designer,” but don’t let that fool you. I took on many roles in my ten years at Lundmark: designer, photographer, stylist, production artist, art director, retoucher, to name a few.

I’ve dedicated my career to making myself the best at what I do, always trying to stretch my comfort zones and pushing myself to create original, forward-thinking solutions. I thrive under pressure. I’ve got a well-developed eye that catches even the smallest details. My organizational skills are insanely efficient. And in an industry that is timeline-driven and when clients demand impossible deadlines, I’m an asset you want in your corner.

I’m always ready to find new sources of inspiration and tackle new skills that will continue to help me progress and move my career forward. I’m willing and eager to invest my time and talents in the next opportunity that comes my way.