9 Reasons Your Business Should Be on Instagram

Reasons Why Your Small Business Should be on Instagram

Reasons to Use Instagram for Your Small Business

Most small businesses are aware of traditional marketing strategies like email marketing and Facebook. But, if your business isn’t on Instagram, you may want to consider hopping on the bandwagon immediately. Instagram has proven to be a useful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, trying to increase the visibility of their products. This article takes a closer look at the top reasons to use Instagram for your small business as part of your marketing strategy.

Reasons Why Your Small Business Should be on Instagram

1. More individuals are utilizing Instagram.

There are currently over?1 billion Instagram accounts worldwide. Of those accounts, over 500 million are on the platform every day. And 90 percent of those accounts follow a business on Instagram. With that many readily available eyeballs, there is no limit to the success a company can reach with a devoted Instagram technique.

2. Businesses?can grow.

With all of those users to pick from, the sky is the limit to what a business can accomplish. That chooses large, widely known companies as well as smaller mama and pop shops and one-man operations.

Naturally, even for the best-known business, success will not come overnight. If a marketing team wishes to get their company on the map, they can do so by keeping an active presence and preserving a regimen of at least one post daily. This is how both family names like Coca-Cola and Adidas and a slew of small businesses have actually efficiently used Instagram to thrive.

3. Organizations can make cash directly from Instagram.

Instagram has been evolving a lot over the years. There is a higher emphasis on earning money through product positioning. The current program is called shoppable posts, which allows businesses to include tags to the items in their pictures with links that include an item description, rate, and the capability to “go shopping now.” This is one of the best reasons to use Instagram if you’re a small business.

4. Stories make your organization relatable.

Instagram is an excellent method to show prospective clients that you are more than merely a faceless business. You can genuinely make an impact on potential clients/customers using live posts and stories.

With stories, the opportunity to reveal behind-the-scenes insights into your business and the people who work there is enormous. Some examples are videos that demonstrate how items are made, videos of office workers engaging with each other, even live Q&A sessions between you and your audience. The opportunities to show your company’s personality are endless.

Instagram live posts are also an excellent method to develop rapport, trust, and reliability with fans and show that there’s a human side to your organization. If customers see you as more than an entity wanting to take their money, they might be more trusting of your brand name.

5. Hashtags can increase your presence.

As a new company on the block, you might be intimidated by the competitors, but with the correct usage of hashtags, you can separate your company from the rest. Hashtags are basically keywords. They summarize what your post is saying. You can even create a unique hashtag (search term) specific to your brand. The efficient use of hashtags can do marvels to separate your company from the crowd.

6. You can efficiently engage with clients.

What is better than having clients know you exist? How about the chance to engage with them daily? The truth is that people like to make their opinions known, especially if they want something. Instagram is the perfect platform for people to like, talk about, and share their views and posts they like. The more likes and comments you get, the more visible your company becomes.

7. Mobility is king.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which began as browser-based websites, Instagram was developed to be an app from the start. Considering that 90 percent of the time invested in mobile is spent on apps, your company should be taking advantage of this. Make your posts accessible to audiences anywhere they go via Instagram. Mobile phone users tend to turn to Instagram because it has a cleaner design than the chaotic view that Facebook can create. Engagement on Instagram is up to 10 times greater than on Facebook. Are you ready to hop on the bandwagon yet?

8. You can keep an eye on your competition.

Your company can utilize Instagram to keep an eye on your competitors and see how they engage with their fans. View carefully to discover how often they post, what they are publishing, and how they engage with their fans. You can use the details you collect to better define your own personal method.

9. It offers many ways to get creative.

On Instagram, your creativity can go wild, developing new ways to draw attention and include fans and new customers. Show the public that your brand name has personality and that it is refreshing. Mix it up with contests, shoutouts, curated images, interactive videos, and more.

These are the top 9 reasons to use Instagram for your small business. If your business isn’t using Instagram, you’re?overlooking millions of prospective customers. Take the suggestions you discovered here and use them to start building your Instagram presence. Your bottom line will be happy that you did.