Brand Consistency for Small Businesses

The Importance of Brand Consistency for Small Businesses

Brand Consistency

It’s Important: Brand Consistency for Small Businesses

You’ve heard people say it. You’ve probably even read it somewhere, but you’re not sure what it means or why it’s so important. Well…let me tell you. Brand consistency (especially for small businesses) is the key to business growth. Your customers want to know what they can expect from you.

Brand consistency is the practice of delivering everything about your brand in the same manner, all the time. Brand voice, brand messaging, brand aesthetics. Wondering why it’s so important? Let’s take a closer look at why brand consistency is essential to your small business growth plan.

Brand Awareness

This one might be obvious, but it needs to be said. Brand consistency makes people more aware of your brand. But more importantly, it can make them recognize your brand. Think about some of the most iconic brands that you know. For example, McDonald’s. Now, you know when you see the?big obnoxious yellow arches, there is a McDonald’s right around the corner. You recognize it without needing an explanation. Now think of their commercials and advertisements. Chances are, you recognize that you’re seeing or viewing a McDonald’s promotion without needing to see the logo or hear the brand’s name mentioned.

Have you ever stopped to think about why that is? It’s because they have brand consistency. They deliver their message in a consistent way across all channels – social media, digital, print, radio, etc. They have a specific brand voice, brand aesthetic, and brand message for everything they put out into the world. And you should too.

Make it easy for customers and potential customers to recognize your brand every time they see it. Brand awareness is essential to growth. Do you think McDonald’s would be as successful as they are now if people didn’t recognize their brand instantaneously? I mean… Almost any 5-year-old knows exactly what the McDonald’s logo looks like.?If you’re driving down the road, chances are they can spot those obnoxious arches a million miles away. Talk about brand recognition. Now, as a small business, is that level of brand recognition necessary? No, of course not. BUT it IS essential. And it will help you grow.

Establishes Credibility

When your small business has brand consistency, it helps to?establish your credibility. I talk a lot about how to Be Your Brand, and this goes hand-in-hand. Your brand is so much more than just your logo, it’s who you are, how you act, how your employees?act, and how your customers (and potential customers) perceive your brand. It’s recognition on a personal level. Your brand is equal to how people connect with it and what?feelings they have when they think about it.

So… how do people feel about your brand? If there isn’t much consistency surrounding your brand, then chances are their opinions are not very high. Brand consistency evokes a level of credibility that you’re not likely going to achieve if your brand is?all over the place.

What do I mean by that? Well, let’s examine McDonald’s once again. They are unified in their marketing efforts across the board. Every time you see an image that’s related to McDonald’s, it has the same look and feel. Every time you see an ad or watch a commercial, the message that it’s promoting is the same. Yes, they are probably advertising different products, but the same general look, feel, and brand message is being shared with you.?They have a unified brand. They have brand consistency.

If your brand is consistent, people are more likely to trust you. People buy from brands they trust. If they trust you, they are more likely to buy your products or use your service. This is why, let me repeat it, brand consistency for small businesses is essential!

Gain Loyalty

Once customers start to recognize your brand and decide that you’re trustworthy, they will start to become loyal customers. The more you put your (consistent) brand/product/service in front of them, the more they see you. They start to develop a relationship with your brand/company. Once you’ve begun this engagement, it’s much easier to convert them into loyal customers. They like knowing what they can expect from your brand. And since you’re brand is very consistent, they trust you and have now become a loyal customer.

Beat Your Competition

Okay, so here’s an important one. Brands and companies are always trying to beat out their competition. That’s the goal, right? You want people to buy your product or service more than the “other” guys product or service. What if I told you that if your company?has brand consistency, you’re likely to gain an edge over your competition?

Hear me out… when you are consistent in your:
?brand messaging
?brand voice
?brand aesthetic

You really set your company apart from your competition and give yourself an edge. This is especially true if you do businesses in a market that is very saturated and competitive.

We’ve already established that a unified brand is going to bring awareness to your company. It also gives you credibility. So when it comes down to a choice between your company versus theirs; to a choice between brand consistency or brand chaos, you win.

Your company is going to seem much more professional and legitimate in comparison to your competition (who does not have a consistent brand – and?doesn’t seem as put together). More often than not, they will choose your company. Why?

  1. Awareness – brand consistency brings awareness to your brand.
  2. Credibility – your cohesive brand makes you seem credible and trustworthy.
  3. Loyalty – they’ve developed a personal relationship with?your brand, making them loyal.

All of these essential factors in the decision-making process lead to…more customers and more sales. You’re now beating out your competition.

Let’s Review: Brand Consistency for Small Businesses

Here is the big take away. Be consistent. That’s it. Make sure you have a clear brand voice, message, and aesthetic and stick with it. When it comes down to it, brand consistency for small businesses is important.

If you’re struggling to find brand consistency, JW Creative can absolutely help. We specialize in helping small businesses. We are full-service, so we can be your expert partner for all things design and marketing, helping you reach the goal of?brand consistency easier, faster, and with a smaller budget.

Reach out and let’s have a conversation about how we can help you win more business and take your brand to the next level.

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